I just had my second baby delivered beautifully by Dr.Elsa. Not only she’s amazing during the actual birth but throughout both pregnancies her absolute competence and reassurance, her brilliance, support, care and sense of humor made both journeys even more special and calm. My husband and I are huge fans! Thank you dearest Dr. Elsa, you truly are a Star!

Ines B

22 Jan, 2020

I started seeing Dr Elsa at 20 weeks pregnant with my twins and I wish I had heard about her earlier. She made the last two trimesters so much more enjoyable as her confident but calm attitude helped me relax. This was my second pregnancy so I was aware of what happens during pregnancy and birth, however, with twins I was in foreign territory and Dr Elsa really helped me through it.

I was determined to have a natural birth so I loved the fact that Dr Elsa respected my wishes and gave me the confidence to stick to my plan. When the time came to deliver (at 35 weeks) she remained calm throughout and talked me through each stage. It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience and quicker and less stressful than delivering just one. Both my husband and I couldn’t have thanked Elsa enough for her professionalism and support throughout. All the staff at her clinic were also fantastic and personable too which made each visit (and there are quite a few) really enjoyable. If I were to go for baby 4 I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Thank you Dr Elsa

Gemma Gibson

29 Apr, 2020

Dr Elsa & the team at The New Concept Clinic were amazing.

Dr Elsa guided myself & my wife through the exciting & anxious experience of pregnancy in a professional, engaging, calm & personable way. We genuinely looked forward to each appointment with Dr Elsa. During the birth Dr Elsa made my wife feel calm & at ease & even allowed myself to be part of the delivery which was an amazing life experience.
I know myself, Elisa & our daughter Luna all highly recommend Dr Elsa & the entire team at The New Concept Clinic.

Thank You!
A proud first time Father


22 Jan, 2020

Coming to Doctor Elsa clinic was indeed the best experience. Doctor Elsa is very caring and professional. She clears out any concerns you might have and is excellent at her work.

Delivered my 4th child with her and every time I recall my experience with her, I wish I knew her since the other pregnancies.

Thank you for the lovely experience. God bless


22 Jan, 2020

The staff make the clinic, from the reception staff, midwife and Dr Elsa. Every visit is enjoyable. I could not recommend everyone highly enough. Thank you for everything everyone has done for our family.


22 Jan, 2020

Dr Elsa is the best Obstetrician in town! After a negative experience delivering my first child I came to Dr Elsa pregnant with doubt and worry. She was extremely reassuring and a partner in my pregnancy journey, something rare to find in a Doctor! She is the best! x o x o


14 Jul, 2020

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