Mission Statement


Our Vision

It is our Vision to be recognised as the leading Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic delivering excellence in personalised patient care in Dubai.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to deliver excellence in personalised patient care where patients feel cared for, safe and confident in their treatment by:-

  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining high calibre staff who are compassionate and committed to delivering excellent personalised patient care
  • Having clear policies and procedures that define the standards of care
  • Training our staff to provide excellent patient care and meet all our required standards
  • Proactively measuring patient feedback and adapting our service to become the best at what we do
  • Providing a safe and caring clinic environment that takes care of our patients and their families throughout their treatment

Our Values

Our aim is to “deliver excellence in personalised patient care that is trusted and valued” and our values are PIVOTAL in helping us to achieve this aim. We expect all our staff to demonstrate, promote and encourage these values. Our values are:-

  • Patients: We put our PATIENTS first
  • Improvement: We strive for excellence and continuous IMPROVEMENT
  • Value: We VALUE everybody, considering and showing respect for the opinions of others
  • Open: We are OPEN and honest, ensuring that we communicate with tact, diplomacy and transparency
  • Team: We work as a TEAM, working effectively and developing strong relationships to achieve common goals
  • Assurance: We give our ASSURANCE that every patient will receive excellent patient care from our team
  • Leading: We aim to be the LEADING provider of personalised patient care