Multimedia Patient Education

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Welcome to our patient education video library! Our video animations provide information about various medical conditions including anatomy, symptoms, and treatment procedures in presentations that are simple and easy for patients to understand. We are happy to discuss your condition and treatment options in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Please call our office at +971 4 554 7273 to make an appointment.

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Click on the desired multimedia patient education videos to learn more on various obstetric and gynaecological conditions and surgical management. Please note that we are not responsible for the below content, but the information is provided as a source of information and guidance to appropriate content, to give patients an idea of the procedure or condition, but any definitive guidance or clarification should be sought from your treating doctor.

The following links are provided by independent providers, but give you agood idea of the conditions and credit goes to the individuals who have made these videos:

Caesarean Section -

Baby development in pregnancy -

What babies do in the womb for the 40 weeks of pregnancy -

Hysteroscopy - looking inside the womb with a camera -

Hysterectomy - removal of the womb -